These requirements must be fulfilled prior to entrance into the Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, NC program

Males, ages 18 years and older with a drug or alcohol problem; other life-controlling problems (Especially addiction to chemicals or other self-abusive behaviors) will be considered. Any male over 18 years old who is willing to commit to working our discipleship program who is not severely emotionally or intellectually handicapped in a way that would inhibit his participation and is not currently under the influence of mind or mood altering drugs will qualify for admittance. Persons ineligible for admissions will be referred to other more appropriate resources.

shutterstock_124790629-300x200-1The individual desiring help must call the Admission Office at 910-947-2944.

A physical examination is required and the *Health Screening Form *that is provided in this packet must be completed and signed by a physician. The lab work for the following tests need to be sent in or faxed to the Intake Director before an admission date will be given; RPR, Liver function test, TB skin test and an updated tetanus shot. The entire Health Screening Form must be filled out. Prospective Students must also have been detoxed, if needed, and sober upon admission.

The most important part about the Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, NC program is the residential care for men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, NC provides food, clothing, a warm bed, academic materials, etc., which are necessary to assure the student receives the spiritual, emotional, vocational, and academic training required to help him overcome the problems which led to his addiction. An ideal place for recovery, Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, NC is located on 31 tranquil acres in the heart of Moore County, and is a one year in-residence program.

Our Program

Consists of two phases:
Phase 1: Instruction at our Induction Center in Kannapolis, NC.
Phase 2: Further instruction at our training center in Carthage, NC.

Success rate

Two independent university studies and one government white paper verify the success rate of the Teen Challenge program at 78%. Success is defined when 5-7 years following graduation, a student is: drug free, employed, has a positive relationship with his family and is a productive member of a local church and the community.


Restoration, a special program for graduates that need reinforcement training, is offered at our main campus. The program is routinely 3-4 months long and tailored for individual growth needs. Restoration is fee based. If a graduate is unable to pay the fee, an extended residential volunteer service may be permitted in place of the fee. Prospective students should contact the Admissions Office for details (910-947-2944).