The Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, of NC staff are pleased to hear you have recognized that your life is out of control and you want to change. We are glad that you are considering the Teen Challenge program as a vehicle to help you change. Today there are many people like yourself who are living productive lives as a result of choosing Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, of NC and fulfilling their commitment to complete the program.

It is our desire that you fully understand the Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, of NC program prior to enrollment so you can be sure you are entering the right program.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills, of NC is based upon the fact that mans basic need is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. People use drugs and alcohol in any attempt to fill the void in their lives that only Jesus can fill. When Jesus is genuinely received as Lord and Savior of a person’s life, a total transformation will follow. By that we mean the person’s life will radically change. Jesus is just not interested in whether or not you go to church or “have said a prayer.” He must be Lord of all of your life. In fact, he will deal with your attitude and the motives of your heart.

Email the Intake Director, or call him at 910-947-2944, for complete requirements.