What is the cost to enter Teen Challenge?

There is a $750.00 intake fee for Women and $1,000 intake fee for Men.

Can students have visitors?

Yes, visiting hours are from 12:30pm to 4:30pm every Saturday.

As a student, can I see my boyfriend/girlfriend?

No. Unless you are married you will not be allowed to communicate with persons who are of the opposite sex if they are not in your immediate family.

Are students allowed to go home at anytime?

No, we are a 24/7 residential ministry.

Is there any vocational training?

Yes, at the second phase only.

Can students get their GED?

Yes. In the second phase of the ministry a person is encouraged to pursue their GED. We will assist in any manner we can.

Are anti-depressant medications permitted at Teen Challenge?

No. As a discipleship ministry we do not allow mood-altering drugs of any kind.

Can students have their children live with them while in the program?

No. Currently, we do not have the facilities to take care of children; prayerfully family members will be able to assist you.

Is Insurance required?


Why do I to have to transfer to a second phase?

Teen Challenge is a two-phase ministry. The first phase is designed to help an individual identify the hidden issues in his/her life that led them to use drugs/alcohol. We begin to equip them with the tools needed to address these issues. The second phase is designed to allow the student to use these tools in a practical way.

What is a “blackout”?

For the first two weeks, the students don’t communicate with anyone outside of the program.

What does a day consist of?

Please refer to the student schedule for Men.

Is smoking permitted?

No, smoking is not permitted under any circumstances.

Do students attend NA/AA meetings?

No. We have our own curriculum.

How long is the program?

The time an individual would spend at Teen Challenge is minimum of 12 months for Women and 14 months for Men.

What are the requirements to get in?

For Men please contact Harrisburg Crisis Intake Center at 717-307-9320
For women, view the Intake checklist.

Where can I get the physical done, I have no insurance?

We would suggest that you try one of the public health centers for this service.

What ages do you work with?

We work with all ages at our different facilities. Here in Philadelphia we work primarily with adults, 18 and up.

Do you usually have a waiting list and how long does it take to get in?

Yes. While we do have a waiting list this is not a deterrent to one being placed in Teen Challenge. Once our requirements are met and if there are no beds available we would then work to get a person placed in another Teen Challenge facility.

Can I get an application online?

Yes. (Women Only) View the Application. To ensure you have met the requirement, review the intake form, and if necessary, email staff members about other concerns.