2023 Quarter 1 CEO Update

A message from Russ Cambria, Executive Director/CEO

These are exciting times at Sandhills ATC and I wanted to provide a quarterly update for our friends and family. Since the end of 2020 (and post-COVID) we have experienced a sizable increase in the demand for our programs. Last year, we even added a new, 28-acre, 10-bed campus in Elizabethtown, NC to further combat addiction without turning individuals away due to lack of available beds. Prior to 2020 we averaged 14-16 students in the program at any given time throughout the year.  Since 2021, the massive increase of need for addiction treatment has boosted our average student population on our campuses to 38-44. The numbers continue to climb. Sandhills ATC has certainly answered the call and is making tremendous efforts to reach and help those in addiction and their families.

Our staff are incredible people who work long hours in what can be a tough ministry- mentally, spiritually, and physically. I am ever so thankful for each one of them. One of the greatest facts about our team is that most are graduates of our program! They work so hard to make sure each person receives the attention and care needed to succeed… just like they were provided not long ago. This is part of what differentiates us from other places of treatment. We are a family. 

As we have been growing, we have taken more initiative to learn about ways in which we can deepen and strengthen the student experience. In recent months, we’ve added a fun (and beneficial) Life Skills Training Program utilizing volunteers (wood working, forestry, blueberry farming, & professional landscaping). Additionally, Sandhills Community College now offers free college courses in job readiness, along with a very successful GED program, to our men. Now, our students are completing ATC equipped not only with a new life, but also new skills for the demanding workforce awaiting each graduate. All of that to say that GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING HERE and we thank God for His tremendous blessings. 

What’s next?

We are currently working on two BIG initiatives. First, we are transitioning our 28-acre Elizabethtown property into the nations first ATC “Military Specialization Program.” This program, led by Jeff Gautier, will serve Veterans with addiction and mental health issues. We have already started the process of making this transition and soon, we will be in full swing. We are thankful to be partnering with the ATC USA National Office in this endeavor, along with Hope Counseling, LLC, who will be offering professional, licensed counseling to those who need extra care. 

Second, we are in desperate need for a long-term, residential women’s program! Weekly, our admissions team refers ladies who need help to ATC programs out of state, or to other local agencies here in NC who can help. However, the burden to offer help through our own organization, our team, and our strong church and community connections & volunteers remains urgent. We are in need of a property to start this program and ask for your prayers and support as we are investigating a few potential opportunities. We will soon need to hire a female Director to help raise funds, market the program throughout the state, and eventually, get the ladies’ program started. Please pray for God’s provision! Our goal is to open this new program as soon as possible. Women need help and at Sandhills ATC, we want to answer the call! 

"God is expanding our reach and we are in a season of growth."

Finally, I want to make you aware that with the increase of services, new campuses, more students, and the number of staff and interns needed to manage 3 campuses, our board passed a budget for 2023 that slightly surpassed $1,000,000! It’s the first time in our history to do so, and although a little intimidating, it’s a reminder that God is expanding our reach and that we are in a season of growth. It costs ATC $23,316 per student, per year, and with your help, we will meet that need. There has been no greater time than now to get involved with and support Sandhills ATC! Will you consider helping us meet the challenge and seize the great opportunities ahead?

Getting involved

Please consider becoming a HOPE HERO by supporting Sandhills ATC either through a one-time, or monthly gift. You are saving lives, restoring families, and helping us create leaders who will go on to do great things. In an organization like ours, we accomplish a lot by excellent stewardship of resources. We also need volunteers in Elizabethtown, Kannapolis, Concord, and Cartage, NC. Connect with us and we will match your passion with a current need. 

To speak to me about a specific need or one of our larger projects, please reach out to me directly. To become a HOPE HERO, follow the link to give securely online. Thank you for your generous and continued support!