Planned Giving

At Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge we understand what it means to leave a legacy. We teach the importance of legacy to our students by instilling in them the belief that actions taken now will have great effect on generations to come. That is true in our own lives as our actions now can greatly change and benefit the lives of those in our family in the future. The same can be said about our organization. Our faithful friends and supporters have sewn much into this ministry, many having done so for decades. We would like you to consider leaving a legacy long after the Lord calls you home, and doing so through Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge.

By naming Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge as a beneficiary in your will, you can be assured that your actions now will greatly affect the future. Families will continue to find freedom from addiction and new life in Christ. Please consider Planned Giving as an option to help us continue our mission to free all individuals from addiction through the power of Jesus Christ. Bequests (legacies) will benefit the Sal & Debby Student Scholarship Fund.

The Need

The cost to complete the 12-month program per student is $19,860. However, the DiBianca Student Scholarship Fund will be awarded on an “as needed” basis, most of which will supplement tuition received by student families, churches, and friends who have committed to support the program while their loved one receives help. Your gift will help keep the program affordable to families with lower income and resources.

What Can I Do?

  • A bequest of $20,000 provides Admissions Fee for 28 students!
  • A bequest of $10,000 allows for 14 students to enter our program!
  • A gift of $5,000 will change the lives of 7 students!

Please complete the form below and we will reach out to you with more information.

Thank you for considering Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge and the Sal & Debby DiBianca Student Scholarship Fund as you plan to leave your own legacy and IMPACT on those who call on us for help!