Investing in Lives – No Greater Call

By Nelson Hodge, Development & Advancement Coordinator

I have always been passionate about the idea of people “investing in lives.” There is just something special about knowing your efforts today help someone else tomorrow. When I was a student in the program I realized that many people  “invested” in my life.  Some were from my inner circle of friends and family, while others did not know me at all. The common denominator for each group of people was their passion about this ministry and generous support of the work we do.

Anytime I’ve ever invested in anything, I did so with the hope of a greater return.  I feel like the best return I can give to those who have invested in me is to continue in the work God has done in me by serving in the program I love. I realize that by walking in faithful communion with God, others see the fruit of the seed they planted and that is always a positive motivation.

Think about your life and those who are in your corner. Those who have invested in you and have a great deal of faith in you (and in God’s ability to see you through), are more than just a cheer section. These individuals are friend and family and part of that inner-circle I previously mentioned. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you have an inner-circle of support? Thank God for that every day.