Breaking News! North Carolina General Assembly Awards Sandhills ATC Major Grant

Carthage, NC- Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge, headquartered in Moore County, North Carolina, has been awarded a second state grant with the help of Senator Tom McInnis and State Representative Neil Jackson. The organization received $300,000 from the North Carolina General Assembly for 2024 for capital improvements. Back in 2021, the organization received an additional $200,000 which was used to purchase two of its three properties that serve men in addiction within the state. 

Soldier Experiencing New Freedom

Russ Cambria, President & CEO of Sandhills ATC stated this most recent grant will be used to purchase the 28-acre property in Bladen County that houses the organization’s first nationwide Military Specialization Program (MSP). On that campus in Elizabethtown, NC, up to 15 Veteran’s currently receive treatment for addiction and mental health issues within a faith-centered, residential, and highly structured16-week program, spearheaded by Jeff Gautier, Director. Once $240,000 of this new grant is applied to the remaining mortgage, the group plans to spend the remaining $60,000 finishing its new 4,000 sq. ft. multipurpose building on the property, recently dedicated in memory of Nathan Horvatich, a 20-year US Army veteran who lost his battle to addiction. 

Brian Decker, Chief Financial Officer for the organization reiterates that thanks to Senator Tom McInnis and Rep. Neil Jackson, and the on-going support of North Carolina’s General Assembly, Sandhills ATC is able to expand and help even more individuals each year. Donor funds can be spent on programming, scholarships, and other tangible needs rather than on a mortgage payment. Decker also stated that he is enthused at the level of trust elected officials have in the group’s ability to be good stewards of its resources. Since 2021, the state has entrusted Sandhills ATC with half of a million dollars for program support and improvements. 

In Other News: Adult & Teen Challenge of Sandhills is currently in the process of finalizing permits to open its first program for adult women in Sanford, Lee County. This will be the organization’s 4th location in the state and will allow it to help 88 residents across four campuses. The leadership team is aiming to purchase the property, debt-free, and is currently raising the $350,000 needed to purchase the building. Jennifer Toro, a 2011 ATC Graduate and former Director in Arizona, has already been hired to lead this new center and will arrive in late April 2024. 

To support ATC in this season of growth and expansion, please connect with Brian Decker at