Kim Edwards

Director of Admissions

Approximately 20 years ago, I was the caller on the other side of the phone, in complete desperation, crying out for help as the result of the stronghold that addiction had over my family.  It was from that day onward that God began a new work in my life, developing a passion for those that struggle with addiction; be it the addict or the enabler or the family that has reached the end of their rope.  But often, the end of our rope is where God can begin to work in our lives because we have no more rope to hold onto and we just have to let go……and let God!   It is an honor to be part of the Adult & Teen Challenge Admissions Team.  The Admissions Team is often the first point of contact for the individual seeking help, for themselves or their loved one, that are in the trenches of addiction.  Having spent a plethora of years in the trenches myself, I am able to compassionately listen, and with great empathy and the wisdom of Jesus Christ, begin to pour hope into these individuals lives, letting them know that there is freedom through the mercy, grace, love, and power of Jesus Christ.  This is typically where the rubber meets the road and the individual makes a determination as to how they wish to spend the rest of their lives; being a slave to addiction or walking in freedom through Jesus Christ.  The Adult & Teen Challenge ministry is just a vessel that God uses as part of the process; it is the glory that is given unto God for the deliverance and the freedom.  Genesis 50:20