The 4 C’s of Leadership

By Steve Coleman, Program Director

Every leader, in order to be effective in his work or ministry should ask himself if he meets 4 minimum standards. There are always moments for growth and development concerning the 4 C’s of Leadership, but one must first possess these in their most basic forms to be successful.

The first C is Calling.

Are you Called by God? This is especially important in a position where you hold spiritual authority over someone else, or over an institution, in general. If God has not called you to man the post of leadership, be sure to find yourself doing something else. Seek, pray, and then seek and pray again.

The second C is Character.

Do you have the Character to walk in integrity and lead by example? Many skills can be taught, but a man’s character is developed outside the classroom. The old saying, “Integrity (Character) reveals itself when no one else is looking.” Measure your character, develop it, ask others to point out areas of weakness.

The third C is Commitment.

Are you willing to make a Commitment and keep your word  no matter what? Commitment is best determined when the road ahead is rough, uncertain, and sometimes unexciting. Its being able to see the big picture when your mind wants to focus on the mundane. Its keeping the organizations needs a above selfish needs. Commitment is giving 100% when you don’t feel like it. In leadership, the cream rises to the top. Those who rise up as leaders aren’t always the smartest or the most savvy of people, but they are committed and are “all in.”

The fourth C is Chemistry.

Do you work well with others and will you have Chemistry with the team? Leaders will not always be liked, but they must be respected. Having a healthy chemistry with your team where they respect you even when your decisions are unpopular or a little scary to some. Do you value the team? Do they know it? Chemistry is needed in all types of relationships. This is no different in ministry or in the workplace. A leader who does not have healthy chemistry with his team will not lead for long. People follow you for one of two reasons, 1. They genuinely want to, or 2. They have to.